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Welcome to this fanpage, i will provide some of information that circle around robotech and macross

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Mahkotaqq bandar qq deposit 10000

MahkotaQQ Bandar Judi QQ Online Terpercaya dan Terbaik Selamat Datang di Situs MahkotaQQ, Kami adalah Bandar Judi QQ Online Terpercaya dan Merupakan Agen Judi QQ Terbaik di Indonesia. Dengan mendaftar di MahkotaQQ anda dapat bermain Poker, Dominoqq, Bandarq, Bandar Poker dan Adu Balak Bandar66. Situs kami menggunakan jaringan server PokerV yang sudah terkenal dengan kualitasContinue reading “Mahkotaqq bandar qq deposit 10000”

Eps 43 (Prelude to Battle)

After their recent success shooting down the enemy ship, the 15th Squad finds themselves “voluntold” for another dangerous mission. Supreme Commander Anatole Leonard has begun to consider them his lucky ace in the hole. General Rolf Emerson‘s protests in the matter are disregarded. In preparing for their next encounter, the members of the 15th psychContinue reading “Eps 43 (Prelude to Battle)”

Eps 42 (Danger Zone)

As neither side wants to make the slightest concessions, the war between Earth and Master Robotek escalates into another serious military confrontation. Commander-in-Chief Anatoly Leonard uses most of his tactical armored spacecraft to fight enemies in outer space, trying to avoid turning the planet’s surface into a battlefield, but his strategy is based on insufficientContinue reading “Eps 42 (Danger Zone)”

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